Brevard Family Partnership Family of Agencies CEO Profile

Community Profile:

Brevard County, Florida, also known as the Space Coast where NASA is housed, is a highly desirable coastal community with a population of 568,000 residents. Brevard County is 82 miles long and 14 miles wide. Brevard County’s cost of living is 3.80% lower than the U.S. average. Brevard County is home to several Universities and Colleges including Florida Institute of Technology and Eastern Florida State College. In 2017, the Brevard Public Schools received an A rating from the Florida Department of Education. Life in Brevard offers a wide range of recreational activities including the arts and entertainment, theatre, science, music, fine dining, a local zoo, water sports and parks. For more information on life in Brevard County Florida visit:

Corporate Profile:

Brevard Family Partnership, Inc. (BFP) is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization, founded in 2004, to bid on and become the Lead Agency delivering child welfare services in Brevard County, Florida. BFP has a proven history of high performance, positive outcomes and efficient operations through its strong community partnerships, innovations, and focus upon excellence. BFP is a progressive organization, continually planning for the future through the use of forecasting and analyzing current and emerging trends to proactively implement systemic changes and improvements.

BFP’s mission is to “Protect Children, Strengthen Families and Change Lives” through the prevention of child abuse and the operation and management of a comprehensive, integrated, community-based system of care for abused, abandoned and neglected children, and their families. BFP collaborates with  a local provider network of over 50 child and family-serving human service agencies to successfully deliver, manage, and coordinate an integrated child welfare system of care. BFP’s vision for community- based care includes maintaining and strengthening, whenever possible, the ties between children, families, and communities and causing as little disruption as possible to their lives. In partnership with the Brevard Board of County Commissioners, community, elected officials, volunteers, donors and stakeholders BFP has built a nationally recognized child welfare system of care.

In response to the community priority to implement an aggressive front-end prevention and diversion program that would reach families before the stressors they experience result in verified findings of  child abuse, BFP designed, implemented, scaled and operates a proprietary Evidence Based Practice Program, Brevard C.A.R.E.S. Brevard C.A.R.E.S. serves as the pilot site for national replication, delivering child abuse prevention and diversion services for at risk children and their families in the local System of Care.

The National Center for Innovation and Excellence (NCFIE) serves as the research, training and technical assistance arm of BFP. The NCFIE is a dynamic community of thought leaders and experts dedicated to developing youth, strengthening families, and building strong communities by developing resources, delivering services, providing technical assistance, consultation and training. Services are available to community-based agencies, localities, and state and county managed child and family service systems that are seeking to implement, manage or enhance their Systems of Care. The NCFIE specializes in family-centered, youth-driven system reform initiatives, scaling innovations to excellence, privatization and high-fidelity wraparound.

Family Allies, Inc. (FA), the most recent enterprise of BFP, was formed in 2017 to deliver case management services for the children and families entrusted to the care of BFP. Case management is a collaborative process of assessment, planning, facilitation, service coordination, evaluation, and advocacy to meet the needs of children, youth and family’s to promote quality and positive outcomes.

Each of the BFP subsidiaries is led by an Executive Director and governed by a local Board of Directors.

Position Summary: The CEO is a thought leader who directly reports to the Board of Directors for the successful management and performance of the Brevard Family Partnership Family of Agencies (FOA). This includes leading the development and execution of the agencies’ annual and long-term goals and objectives. The CEO is a strong and present leader both internally and externally. The CEO is strength- based, family-centered, youth-driven and trauma-informed in his/her approach to care. The CEO is responsible for the administration and oversight of all activities across the Family of Agencies ensuring alignment with the vision and mission of each respective agency and the Parent Company.

The CEO provides oversight and leadership of the Executive Directors which includes: BFP, Family Allies, the NCFIE and Brevard C.A.R.E.S. The CEO is confident, collaborative, highly ethical and skilled in leading people and systems; and develops and maintains a strong and active community presence. The CEO ensures compliance with all regulatory and reporting bodies and reports to and keeps the Board of Directors apprised of the agencies’ goals, financial status, achievements and challenges.

The CEO will manage a $22 million dollar budget, 175 employees and 50 community providers. The CEO is charged with the development, management, performance and oversight of the local child welfare system of care, fund development, public policy and strategy, risk management, human resources, forecasting, and innovation and marketing/public relations.

The successful candidate for the position of CEO must be willing to relocate to and reside in Brevard County and will exemplify the following attributes:

  • Effective Communicator
  • Mission-Centered
  • Leadership
  • Sound Judgement
  • Strategic and Tactical
  • Integrity
  • Team Player
  • Authentic
  • Influential
  • Servant Leader

Key Areas of Responsibility of this position include: Board Administration and Support

  • Participates with governing board in charting and implementing the organizations mission, vision, and strategic plan in response to the changing needs of the
  • Recommends, develops, and updates strategic and operational plans to support the organizations philosophy and goals in cooperation with the Board of
  • Keeps the Board of Directors informed regarding current trends, opportunities, problems and recommends organizational policy positions regarding strategic, operational and legislative matters.
  • Participates and coordinates training of board
  • Coordinates with the board and other organizational personnel regarding the monitoring of local, state and federal activities to ensure the fulfillment of the communities needs for quality services across the local system of


  • Monitors across the Family of Agencies the clarity of mission, strategy, objectives, and priorities, division of work, accountabilities, and communication systems in order to manage and improve organizational results and
  • Able to motivate and inspire others to adhere to a shared vision and collective ownership across the Family of Agencies, encourages staff to take personal responsibility; mobilizes people to face, define, and solve problems; develops capacity of others to adapt to change; lead past status quo to achieve new levels of excellence, innovation and
  • Collaborates with key leaders in the articulation of operational strategies for the company. Answers questions, explains policies and procedures, shares information and strategic vision, in order to ensure shared goals, approach and vision across the System of Care and community of practice.
  • Provides fiscal oversight and compliance and conducts analyses and recommends options and solutions to the Board of Directors to ensure the organization meets its objectives and alerts the Board and keeps them apprised of any variances or risks when the budget may impact the service delivery system or is projecting a
  • Keeps apprised of proposed legislation and develops and proposes a local Legislative agenda for approval to the Board of Directors. Advocates in the best interest of the children and families served in Brevard County, builds a rapport and maintains strong relationships with Brevard County Legislative delegates, County Commissioners and Community and State
  • Continually assesses risk across the agency and System of Care. Keeps the Board apprised of actual or perceived risks and proposes actions to mitigate and manage risk
  • Able to forecast impending developments that will impact the agency and field and plan accordingly, able to develop long-term, big picture strategies to enhance competitiveness and sustainability; recognizes broad implications of issues; balances and integrates strategic vision with day-to-day activities. Ensures all staff understands their role and importance in the attainment of the vision and mission of the
  • Adheres to and models principles and values of the Agency and System of Care by being strength-based and solution-focused and maintains the highest level of integrity and ethical standards and works collaboratively with employees, partners, stakeholders and clients in all interactions.

Ethics and Integrity

  • Upholds the highest standard of
  • Protects the agencies assets and averts and reports actual or perceived risks to the
  • Lives and openly role-models integrity in all
  • Acts with integrity, ethics and inspires others with his or her
  • Adheres to and maintains a focus on the corporate vision and mission even in the face of challenges.
  • Embraces public transparency and abides by the Sunshine Law.
  • Is trustworthy and follows through on
  • Possesses clear values that guide in decision

Development and Community Relations

  • Actively participates in community organizations, philanthropic & professional associations and service clubs to build a strong brand identity for BFP and the FOA’s.
  • Encourages the integration of the organization with the community through effective communication and public relations
  • Brings community awareness to issues related to Child Abuse Prevention, Foster Care and Adoption.
  • Develops & maintains a personal relationship with donors, routinely scheduling informational meetings.
  • Meets with prospective donors and cultivates existing
  • Develops and markets programs to ensure organizational growth and community
  • Represents the organization in its relationships with other non-profit, for profit, government, and other area agencies on matters of overall organizational direction and

Services and Programs

  • Ensures that BFP FOAs and subcontracted services and programs are continually evaluated to ensure they are effective in meeting the needs of the
  • Monitors community needs and trends and stays current on opportunities at the state and national level. Stays current on research and trends in the field of Child
  • Develops strategic program recommendations based on this
  • Ensures the provision of child welfare services in accordance with the terms of the DCF

Staff and Organizational Management

  • Coordinates the efforts of staff in the recruitment, development, evaluation, and retention of key
  • Provides leadership and direction to Executive Directors in establishing philosophy and objectives related to staffing and performance standards, policies and procedures, and job classifications.
  • Keeps lines of communication open with all staff to ensure high employee morale and a professional and positive atmosphere.
  • Maintains overall responsibility for the culture of the
  • Ensures appropriate employee relations initiatives are undertaken. Ensures that the agency has viable avenues for employees to raise concerns and monitors follow
  • Responsible for ensuring organizational structure is aligned with organizational
  • Coordinates the long range financial development and management of the
  • Oversees development an annual budget and prudently manages these resources

Business Experience:

  1. Knowledge Child Welfare: This is required in order to understand the child welfare environment, statutes and administrative code under which the field is
  2. Human Services Sr. Executive/CEO: Key leadership in the human services field key as a leader of multiple programs required in order to be prepared to effectively lead the company and Family of Agencies.
  3. Fiscal and budgetary responsibility of over $3 million. This is required to effectively and responsibly provide oversight of the annual budgeting process and to make appropriate judgments in resource
  4. Community Involvement and Collaboration: This is essential as the Agency is a Community Based entity that relies on strong partnerships with service providers, stakeholders, partner agencies and the
  5. Minimum of ten (I0) years’ progressive related experience: This is required in order to provide the requisite background, skills, knowledge and abilities to effectively lead the Family of Agencies.
  6. Sensitivity to cultural/socio-economic background s Essential: This is required to effectively and collaboratively serve and ensure staff sensitivity to the diverse client
  7. Valid Driver’s License- Essential: This is required in order to drive to required meetings throughout the County and within the

Educational and Experience Requirements:

  1. Master’s Degree required
  2. D. preferred
  3. 10 years Human Services Experience
  4. 5 years’ experience as a Human Service Sr. Executive /CEO Please note there is a statutory cap on the CEO salary and benefits. To apply:

Please visit the Employment Opportunities page on the Brevard Family Partnership website to access the application documents ( For consideration, email your cover letter, resume, recent salary history, application (from the website) and any optional documents (from the website) you would like to include directly to:

Patricia Nellius-Guthrie, BreakThrough365 Consulting Services, at

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