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We provide our customers with the bridge to business success through our understanding and ability to interpret the implications of changing policy, technology, and science.

OPEN MINDS is an award-winning information source, executive education provider, and business solutions firm specializing in the sectors of the health and human service industry serving complex consumers. For thirty years, we've been pioneers for change—helping organizations implement the transformational business practices they need to be successful in an evolving market with new policies and regulations.

We are powered by a national team of 175+ senior advisors, industry executives, research analysts, and subject matter experts with demonstrated experience in the health and human service field.

Our mission is to continuously advance the quality of services delivered to individuals with chronic conditions and complex support needs. That is why we strive to provide the market information and management knowledge that improves the efficiency and effectiveness of organizations financing or delivering services in these markets.

Our Services

Payers and health plans are experiencing tremendous price pressure. Those customers are looking for ways to "hold the line" on spending while getting maximum value for the services they purchase on behalf of consumers. Our passion is to provide clients with the information and analyses needed to make these tough decisions.

Health systems and provider organizations are faced with dual challenge of providing great clinical outcomes with a great service experience for consumers—while meeting the system needs of payers and health plans. These organizations face significant financial, operational, marketing, and ethical challenges as funding for services is restructured. The issue for executives of health systems and provider organizations is developing a business strategy needed to adapt to this era of rapid change. Our role is to assist these executives by providing the market intelligence and management practices needed for success in a changing landscape.

Ultimately, what are OPEN MINDS services all about? Providing the information that leads to better payer decisions and better provider delivery systems—and most importantly, better health and social services for complex consumers. Learn more about each of our main service lines by clicking the boxes below:


  • 175+ team members across the U.S. with headquarters based in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
  • Award-winning market intelligence and publishing division with national readership base exceeding 150,000 industry professionals
  • National strategic consultation and advisory services division with associates and/or satellite offices in over 40 states
  • Producer of five annual executive institutes providing thought leadership on market developments and management best practices
  • Developer of 125+ live and online educational programs for administrative and clinical professionals each year
  • Manager of the largest existing proprietary archive of market intelligence, research, data, and best practices in the complex consumer markets
  • Participant in 50+ industry associations, advisory boards, committees, leadership summits, advocacy groups, and more each year

Our Areas of Expertise

OPEN MINDS' singular focus and expertise is specific to the complex consumer markets. Our synergistic approach provides 'real world' solutions by combining up-to-the minute data and three decades of market intelligence with the insights of a national team; a team that has on-the-ground experience in senior leadership roles within public and private provider organizations, in health plans, and in county and state governments.

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