All content on the OPEN MINDS website and all content in published in OPEN MINDS documents is proprietary and copyrighted – with all rights reserved. Rules and requirements for the use of OPEN MINDS content is outlined below.

Reprint Policy: OPEN MINDS Executive Briefings

OPEN MINDS Executive Briefings may be reprinted in print format or posted online for public use. This is limited to the OPEN MINDS content posted under the following domain:

To post/reprint OPEN MINDS Executive Briefings, the following conditions must be met:

  • The briefing text may not be changed or altered in any way, and must include all original hyperlinks within the briefing.
  • The reprint/posting must include all the original source links in the original OPEN MINDS Executive Briefing to reference articles
  • At the end of the reprint/posting, the following text must appear: This reprint appears with the permission of OPEN MINDS. For more information, visit their website at To contact the author, email
  • An e-mail notification must be sent to announcing the reprint/posting, along with a PDF of the print version, or web link to the posted online version.
  • Briefings may not be reprinted or posted for commercial use of any type without written permission (see below) and may only be used in publications and on websites that are available free of charge to the public.

For any OPEN MINDS Daily Executive Briefing that is used in this manner, all content remains the expressed property of OPEN MINDS with all rights reserved.

Reprint Policy: OPEN MINDS Premium Content

Except with express written permission from OPEN MINDS, reprinting and/or posting OPEN MINDS premium content is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, the OPEN MINDS Weekly News Wire, the OPEN MINDS Management Newsletter, OPEN MINDS Market Intelligence Reports, OPEN MINDS Government RFP & Contract Awards information, and OPEN MINDS executive education presentations.

To inquire about reprinting or posting OPEN MINDS premium content, please email

Last updated: May 13, 2015

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