OPEN MINDS Circle End User License Agreement

Use of all OPEN MINDS (Behavioral Health Industry News, Inc.) material is subject to the license agreed to when an OPEN MINDS (Behavioral Health Industry News, Inc.) free membership is started or paid product/service is purchased.

Electronic delivery of license takes place upon completion of free membership sign-up or confirmed receipt of payment for purchase. Prices are in $US and, unless explicitly noted, do not include taxes or tariffs, which are the buyer’s responsibility.

Except as we specifically agree in writing, no content from the OPEN MINDS (Behavioral Health Industry News, Inc.) website/publications may be used, reproduced, transmitted, distributed or otherwise exploited in any way other than as part of the OPEN MINDS (Behavioral Health Industry News, Inc.) website. You may download one copy of such content to a single computer for your personal noncommercial use only, provided that you (a) keep intact all copyright and other proprietary notices, including correct attribution to OPEN MINDS (Behavioral Health Industry News, Inc.) which is done in this manner, Developed by OPEN MINDS, 15 Lincoln Square, Gettysburg PA 17325, All rights reserved. (b) You make no modifications to the content, you must copy, distribute, and/or display the entire work with no alteration and (c) do not use the content in a manner that suggests an association with any of our products, services or brands. Any business use including, “re-mailing” or high-volume automated use of OPEN MINDS site is prohibited. Your ability to use OPEN MINDS related content is terminated upon the end of your membership. This includes, but is not limited to, the use of any previously downloaded material during the duration of your subscription. Please see OPEN MINDS’ Reprint Policy for additional details.

In the event that we offer downloads of software on the OPEN MINDS (Behavioral Health Industry News, Inc.) website and you download such software, the software, including any files, images incorporated in or generated by the software, and data accompanying the software (collectively, the “software”) are licensed to you by us or third-party licensors for your personal use only. We do not transfer title of the software to you. You may not distribute or otherwise exploit the software or decompile, reverse engineer, disassemble or otherwise reduce the software to a human-readable form.

OPEN MINDS (Behavioral Health Industry News, Inc.) website and articles contain links to other internet sites and resources. OPEN MINDS is not responsible for these outside resources. Since OPEN MINDS is not responsible for these outside resources or their contents, you should direct any concerns regarding any external link to the site administrator or Webmaster of such site.

OPEN MINDS (Behavioral Health Industry News, Inc.) expressly disclaims responsibility for the accuracy, timeliness, or adequacy of the information provided through OPEN MINDS Circle, including but not limited to its government contract database, its news, and its state profiles. In no event, shall OPEN MINDS be liable for any loss or damages arising from the use of the service. OPEN MINDS indemnification for losses from this subscription in general, and The OPEN MINDS RFP & Government Contract Database in particular, shall be limited to the cost of the annual subscription.

The purchasing organization will indemnify OPEN MINDS for any loss occasioned by their violation of the Terms Of Use described in this document.

The Terms Of Use may not be assigned and will continue in full force and effect, even if either party changes its name.

Should either party commence legal action to enforce its rights within these Terms Of Use, the prevailing party in the action will be entitled to collect all reasonable costs and expenses incurred, including attorney’s fees.

The Terms Of Use shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the internal laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, without giving effect to any choice or conflict of law provision or rule. Each party irrevocably submits to the exclusive jurisdiction and venue of the federal and state courts located in the Adams County, Pennsylvania in any legal suit, action, or proceeding arising out of or based upon this agreement or the Services provided hereunder.

Dataset Use Policy

Select OPEN MINDS (Behavioral Health Industry News, Inc.) datasets are available as part of an Elite OPEN MINDS Circle membership or may be purchased separately. The following terms and conditions apply to all uses of the OPEN MINDS datasets:

  • OPEN MINDS datasets may be incorporated into internal business systems and may be perpetually retained and used in internal business systems after purchase without any further payments to OPEN MINDS.
  • OPEN MINDS datasets are intended for the use by the purchaser only; it may not be shared or resold.
  • OPEN MINDS datasets and all information included in it are the exclusive property of OPEN MINDS.
  • OPEN MINDS datasets were gathered and compiled with a reasonable standard of care, but OPEN MINDS makes no warranties expressed or implied regarding the accuracy or completeness of the data.
  • Purchaser agrees to hold OPEN MINDS harmless from any liability resulting from errors in the dataset.
  • OPEN MINDS disclaims any liability for any consequences due to use, misuse, or interpretation of information contained or not contained in the dataset.
  • Purchasers assume full responsibility for all costs associated with its access to, preparation, maintenance, and overall use of the dataset.
  • OPEN MINDS represents and warrants that it has all necessary legal rights to offer the information provided in the dataset, and that it has complied with all laws and regulations in the collection and storage of such information.

Membership Refund Policy

The minimum membership term is twelve (12) months. The membership will automatically renew for subsequent 12-month terms upon the anniversary of the membership start date unless a written cancellation notice is submitted by the purchasing organization or OPEN MINDS at least 30 days prior to the cancellation date.

With respect to the cancellation of an OPEN MINDS Circle membership or any OPEN MINDS subscription, the customer will not receive any refund, but he/she will continue to have access to the services for the remainder of the purchased length of membership.

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