Improving complex health care systems through information, education, and strategic guidance.

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For over thirty years, OPEN MINDS has been singularly focused on the sectors of the health and human service field serving complex consumers. Click to learn more about our specific expertise and experience in your market.

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Our team's unique expertise and C-Level experience differentiates OPEN MINDS from others in the field. Click to learn how our award-winning services and solutions can support your organization's goals.

OPEN MINDS is a national leader in market intelligence and management best practices focused on organizations serving consumers with chronic conditions and complex needs. Our unique approach is based on focus and synergy:

First, we stay exclusively focused on a very specific set of domains in the health and human service field - mental health, addiction treatment, chronic disease management, intellectual and developmental disabilities services, disability supports and long-term care, children's services, juvenile justice, corrections health care, and social services. We have deep knowledge of these market areas - and the $860 billion in spending in each.

Second, our unique structure and variety of services fosters a unique synergy between market intelligence and tradecraft. Our team is research-based at its core – with 40+ team members dedicated to tracking every market development, government contract, legislative change, payer, and provider organization in the field. We combine this wealth of market research with a national team of seasoned executives, subject matter experts, and strategic analysts with 'on-the-ground' management experience to provide real-world insights and solutions to the organizations we support.

For over three decades, OPEN MINDS has been the 'bridge to business success' for thousands of organizations in health and human services. We understand and interpret the implications of changing policy and changing science - and how to navigate and leverage those changes for organizational sustainability and success. Learn more about how we can help your organization by using the buttons below:

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  • If You Don’t Have A Plan For The Next 18 Months, Start On Monday
    By Monica E. Oss 04/10/2021

    I’ve heard it far too often—you can’t plan in a crisis. Too much changing. But I disagree. My view, which is supported by the research, is that organizations that plan in a crisis and invest in growth during the crisis, are the organizations that survive and thrive post crisis (see Is Your Organization In The 17% Or The 9%—Or Somewhere In Between?) But even for the executive teams that have put planning on hold during the crisis, the time for a plan for sustainability in the “next normal” is now. The end of the pandemic public health crisis period is in sight. The next nine months will be the turbulent glide path to the “next normal” with offices reopening, the resumption of travel, and, hopefully, national herd immunity. By the end of the year, the funding for both economic stimulus and relief will…
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