With over 30 years of experience developing, hosting, and facilitating executive education programs, OPEN MINDS is the “go-to” source for market intelligence, management best practices, and strategy development for executives serving complex consumers. Our executive education events are designed to provide executives across the health and human service market the information they need to tackle new business challenges, improve decisionmaking, and maximize organizational profitability. Why choose OPEN MINDS for executive education?

Cutting Edge Market Intelligence: OPEN MINDS events set the standard for cutting market intelligence across the sectors serving consumers with complex needs. Get a birds eye view of the trends shaping the market in mental health services; chronic care management; disability supports and long-term care; addiction treatment; social services; intellectual and developmental disability supports; child and family services; juvenile justice; and adult corrections health care.

Executive-Focused Educational Programming: A trusted expert in the health and human service field, OPEN MINDS is the go-to source for management best practices and strategy development for executives serving complex consumers. Content for all OPEN MINDS events is carefully curated to give executives all the information they need to tackle new business challenges, improve decisionmaking, and maximize organizational profitability.

Faculty With On-The-Ground Experience: The faculty selected for OPEN MINDS events fall into two categories: successful executives who have “been there and done that” – or leading-edge executives who are finding new innovative ways to “do it better.” Learn about the field-tested practices and new cutting-edge models that can take your initiative from academic to successful – from the executives who have already made it work for their organization.

Strategic Meetings & Negotiations: The OPEN MINDS events are a place to turn ideas into realities. For more than a decade, our events have become a destination for “leading edge” decision makers to gather and create a vision for collaboration.

New Relationships & Networking Opportunities: In addition to discussing the latest market intelligence, best practices, and breakthroughs each year, the OPEN MINDS events are designed to foster the creation of new, synergistic relationships. The events reach beyond the silos of traditional conferences with a focus on the sectors of the field serving complex consumer – bringing together leaders of provider organizations, government and employer payers, health plans, advocacy organizations, technology organizations, biotech and pharma players, investors, entrepreneurs, and academia. From this design, new conversations emerge among thought leaders that t may not normally cross paths.

Whether its an online seminar exploring cutting-edge market trends, an intensive workshop focused on strategy development, or a custom event focused on your organization, OPEN MINDS’ executive education events give your team all the tools they needs to succeed in a changing market.

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OPEN MINDS executive events are the ‘go-to’ industry meetings for market intelligence, strategic insights, and practical ‘how-to’ application. Give your team the tools they need to be successful by registering for an event now – or contact us to learn more.

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