Over the past decade, there has been an increase in the changes and challenges affecting the intellectual/developmental disabilities (I/DD) and disability support markets—the move to value-based care, the shift away from residential treatment, the increasing emphasis on consumer-directed care, and new workforce challenges. For organizations navigating these challenges, OPEN MINDS has become the most trusted source for market intelligence, industry insights, and innovative management solutions in the disability support field.

Our team of experienced executives and subject matter experts helps organizations serving consumers with disabilities to implement the transformational business practices they need to improve their operational and strategic performance in an evolving market. We are uniquely positioned to understand the disability support market because we work with the organizations, policymakers, and payers that shape it every day – from direct communication with our 180,000 OPEN MINDS Circle readers; to our comprehensive research databases of I/DD provider organizations, disability support programs, and special needs plans; to our executive events attended live by 2,000+ decisionmakers annually.

Expertise For Payer Organizations

For payers and health plans managing long-term services and supports and the I/DD population, OPEN MINDS has the market knowledge, spending data, and competitor analysis to inform your organization’s strategy. Our specialized experience in every sector of the disability support market means that we have assisted payers in everything from providing training on integrated primary care/specialty health models for members of a health plan provider network, to building competitive intelligence profiles of selected health plans for national insurers expanding into new Medicaid managed care markets.

Expertise For Health Systems & Provider Organizations

For health systems and provider organizations serving the I/DD population, OPEN MINDS provides the market intelligence and management practices needed for success in a changing landscape. From strategic planning development for small non-profit I/DD provider organizations; to business process mapping, design, and re-engineering for large multi-state organizations that provide home and community-based support services; to grant management and proposal writing for large health systems – OPEN MINDS can give your team the tools they need to be sustainable in a changing landscape.

Expertise For Technology Firms & Pharmaceutical Companies

For technology vendors and pharmaceutical partners developing the tools that improve services and supports complex consumers, OPEN MINDS’ unparalleled research capabilities, combined with insights from current and former industry executives, provides a comprehensive expert perspective on the disability support market. Our team has developed and delivered training on the experience and perspectives of executives serving consumers with I/DD for pharmaceutical companies; conducted product development, product pricing, and competitive pricing analysis for vendors bringing a new product to market; and built comprehensive marketing plans to help technology innovators achieve their yearly sales and marketing objectives.

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