OPEN MINDS helps venture capital firms maximize investments in the high-cost, high-needs sectors of health care.

Based on our 30+ years of experience tracking the trends, spending data, reimbursement data, stakeholders, and market developments shaping the high-cost sectors of health care, OPEN MINDS offers a unique understanding of the current health and human service market–and its future potential. With on-the ground experience in senior leadership roles within health plans, public and private provider organizations, and government agencies, we’re uniquely able to provide venture capital firms with the on-the-ground insights, real-world undestanding, and analytical projections that support optimal investment decision-making. 

OPEN MINDS consultation and technical assistance capabilities for venture capital firms include:

Market Research & Strategy

  • Financial market reports and projections
  • Market size estimates and market opportunity assessments
  • Market survey research
  • Focus groups and key opinion leader interviews
  • Investment analysis and recommendations
  • Competitor profiles
  • Communications plan development and implementation
  • Access to stakeholder databases and customer market research using those databases

Financial Management & Risk Management

  • Financial management support
  • Risk management and compliance management
  • Analysis of risk-based contract opportunities
  • Compliance support program development and implementation
  • Contracting support

Educational Programs

  • Educational curriculum and educational publication development
  • Board and investment team training

Suggested OPEN MINDS market intelligence and executive education products and services for venture capital firms include:

  • The OPEN MINDS Circle: Keeping up with the latest developments in the health and human services can be daunting. Delivered to your inbox daily and available on our website anytime, the OPEN MINDS’ team of research analysts tracks policy changes, aggregates available data, and updates stakeholder information to help organization stay up-to-date. Through our suite of publications, we provides the practical management applications and best practice models that help organizations understand how to apply information to organizational strategy, allowing them to capitalize on new information (and opportunities) quickly and efficiently. Members access content from our market intelligence team and partner organizations via daily email content and a 24/7 curated and searchable website library platform.
  • OPEN MINDS Executive Institute Series: With over 30 years of experience developing, hosting, and facilitating executive education programs, OPEN MINDS is the “go-to” source for market intelligence, management best practices, and strategy development for executives serving complex consumers. Our executive education events are designed to provide executives across the health and human service market the information they need to tackle new business challenges, improve decision-making, and maximize organizational profitability.Industry stakeholder databases – health plans, ACOs, behavioral care management, provider organizations, social service organizations, government agencies, and more.

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