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Value Based Care For Transitions Of Care In Behavioral Health – The Brave Health Case Study

May 19, 2022

Follow up, consumer compliance, and adherence to treatment regiments are often the metrics used to determine quality of care and outcomes. However, this ignores a host of social determinants of health and only examines the consumer within the confines of their visit. Follow up is generally a passive process, where, where consumers must reach out of their own volition to schedule appointments, find a follow-up care provider organization, and show up to the appointment. These were the limitations Anna Lindow wanted to overcome at Brave Health with their Transitions of Care program. Brave practices proactive consumer engagement, they actively seek out their consumers to establish a relationship with them while they are still lucid from their most recent mental health hospitalization. Brave’s proactive and reactive consumer outreach and engagement creates a collaborative dynamic, and the engagement team begins building a relationship with the consumer immediately. This has led to double the follow-up visits versus the traditional engagement model. Furthermore, at Brave Health, everything is entirely virtual. Consumers can submit health data, vitals, and even mood check ins directly from the convenience of their own home. This provides huge amounts of data, by consumer, that can be used to craft more detailed care plans, and drive decision-making at an organizational level. Brave’s proactive and reactive consumer outreach and engagement, where they actively seek out the consumer, following referral, to begin creating a collaborative dynamic and building a relationship immediately.

Brave Health is an entirely virtual clinic that specializes in behavioral health delivering telehealth-enabled counseling, therapy, psychiatry, and medication management, including medication assisted treatment. Brave Health treats consumers with a broad spectrum of mental health and substance use disorders. Brave Health’s programs are evidence based and data driven. They advance and refine their treatment plans constantly using clinically proven effective treatments. This is what has led to their Transitions of Care program success. Brave Health has a team comprised of licensed psychiatrists, nurses, and counselors that specialize in mental health and substance use disorders. Brave Health provides highly personalized treatment plans. Anna Lindow will discuss how evidence informs every decision and treatment plan at Brave Health through their data-driven decision-making processes. Ms. Lindow will share Brave Health Transitions of Care program’s pillars of engagement for consumer outreach, establishing outreach loops, and integrating primary care providers into the follow-up journey.

Executive attendees will learn:

  • How to develop a culture of data informed decision-making
  • Identifying processes and developing outreach loops to improve consumer engagement
  • How to improve consumer outreach and engagement through technology, including integration of primary care providers into the follow-up journey
  • Medicaid as an episodic model


May 19
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm
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Featured Speakers

Anna Lindow, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, Brave Health

Ms. Lindow has had a lifelong passion for mental health, and founded Brave Health to expand access to the types of care that have helped her since adolescence. Prior to Brave Health, she was an operations executive at General Assembly, a global organization that helps adults gain new technology skills where her team quintupled the business in thee years. Ms. Lindow earned a B.A. from Columbia, a graduate certificate in Addiction Recovery from the University of Florida, and an M.S. in Psychology from Walden University.

Paul Duck, Senior Associate, OPEN MINDS

Paul M. Duck brings over 25 years of experience in leadership and management focusing on managed care, health information technology organizations, strategy, business development, and market expansion, and customer experience optimization to the OPEN MINDS team. Prior to joining OPEN MINDS, Mr. Duck served as the Vice President, Strategy & Development at Beacon Health Options, the Vice President of Business Development at Netsmart Technologies, the Chief Executive Officer for Coastal Orthopedics and Pain Management, and the President and Chief Executive Officer for Florida Radiology Imaging. Mr. Duck earned his Bachelor of Arts in Business Management from Case Western Reserve University and his Bachelor of Arts in Electronic Engineering Technology from the Electronic Technology Institute. Mr. Duck received an award by Inc Magazine for leading Florida Radiology Imaging as one of America’s fastest-growing companies. Mr. Duck recently served as a contributing author to the book The New Health Age: The Future of Health Care in America.

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