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Designed to enhance the knowledge and competencies of health and human service executives, managers, and supervisors for success in the changing landscape.


Building The Team You Need For Success!

Our team at OPEN MINDS has launched The OPEN MINDS Leadership & Management Certificate Program to help our member organizations build the dream team they need for success and sustainability.

The certificate program is structured to give current and emerging managers and leaders the range of knowledge they need to thrive in the changing market. This educational program is focused on five key domains for competency building: leadership, strategy, and governance; organizational performance optimization; financial management; innovation, marketing, and service line development; and technology and analytics.

The program features expert content design and faculty – the OPEN MINDS team includes executives with real-world experience facing today’s challenges.

The certificate program is an added benefit of OPEN MINDS Circle Elite Membership, an organization-wide market intelligence and executive education service. There are no additional costs to participate in the certificate program. If your organization has an Elite membership, you are eligible to participate. Certificate enrollees will be able to start completing courses in June 2023.

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An OPEN MINDS Circle Elite Membership provides unlimited organizational access to the OPEN MINDS Circle, the best source of market intelligence; strategic insights and advice; and executive education and best practice management for executives serving consumers with chronic conditions and complex needs. Become a member today to unlock the many benefits and resources Elite membership has to offer.

Why Your Supervisors, Managers & Executives Should Participate

  • Build the knowledge base and understanding of management best practices that are key for success in a changing health and human service market.
  • Develop a community for new supervisors and managers.
  • Create a career path for emerging talent.

The Current Workforce Situation In The Health & Human Service Field

  • The U.S. health and human service system has experienced unprecedented growth – and change.
  • Since 2020, health care spending has increased an average of 4% per year – due to a population with more chronic conditions, increasing life expectancy, and emerging new treatment and disease management technologies.
  • And the market landscape is changing – a focus on whole-person integrated care, more value-based reimbursement, emphasis on consumer experience, and shrinking margins. Recent research found that 79% of CEOs in the health and human service sector think that “within the next three years all aspects of care delivery models will be transformed”; 65% of CEOs “identify the risks associated with technological change as their top barrier to innovation”; and 84% of CEOs “believe transformation won’t happen without real change, including reforming the way care providers are incentivized.”
  • As a result, there are over 50,000 new openings for health care managers each year – due to workers transferring to a new field and/or exiting the workforce. And the number of managerial positions in health services is projected to grow 28%.
  • A key issue for health and human service organizations – where to find the leadership and management talent needed to navigate these changing times – the supervisors, the managers, and the executive team members.

What Makes This Program Unique

  • A management and leadership program created for the health and human service field
  • Expert content design and faculty – the OPEN MINDS team includes executives with real-world experience facing these challenges
  • The management content included in the curriculum is field-tested – based on our team’s 30+ years of experience in the field
  • A program model that has flexibility for working participants
  • The ability of member organizations to request curriculum additions to meet their needs
  • Participation fees are included in the organization’s OPEN MINDS Circle Market Intelligence membership

Growing Your Own Team To Navigate An Unstable Market & Find Financial Sustainability

  • Recruiting managerial talent is difficult…
  • Competing with other health and human service organizations—and other industries—for managerial talent
  • Lack of in-depth knowledge of the health and human service market space can hamper the effectiveness of talent from outside the space
  • Current supervisors, managers, and executives need to upgrade their skillsets to be effective
  • The leadership of many health and human service organizations is opting for a hybrid strategy – building a pipeline of emerging managerial talent in addition to recruiting

Five Key Domains For Competency Building

Leadership, Strategy & Governance

Develop strategic vision and decisionmaking; learn to evaluate and manage service lines; and build collaborations and partnerships for growth.

Organizational Performance Optimization

Learn best practices for project planning and management; operational performance measurement; and workforce management and talent optimization.

Financial Management

Understand budget development and management; costing and pricing for financial performance; and financial planning for sustainability and growth

Innovation, Marketing & Service Line Development

Learn to develop strategies, plans and execution for marketing, customer experience, and engagement – including innovative service line development

Technology & Analytics

Understand the role of technology and analytics for data-driven decisionmaking, innovation, and performance management, including metrics-based management


Who Can Enroll?

The certificate program is open to all employees of organizations subscribing to The OPEN MINDS Circle Market Intelligence Service.

There is no additional fee for employees to enroll and participate.

The employee needs an active login to the OPEN MINDS Circle Market Intelligence website to enroll. While logged in, the employee can enroll by going to the “My Certifications” section of their “My Account” page and clicking the “Enroll Now” button.

How The Certificate Program Works

  • The certificate program requires 60 hours of educational sessions over two years – 12 hours in each of the five key domains. A minimum of 15 hours must be completed in on-site/in-person sessions.
  • Participants can track their progress toward earning a certificate of completion on the “My Certifications” page.
  • Once a participant has completed the required course hours in the two-year period, they will be awarded a certificate of completion from OPEN MINDS in both digital and print form. We will also recognize certificate program graduates through announcements at our institutes and on LinkedIn.

Enroll Today

OPEN MINDS brings our industry expertise and executive education experience together for this new Elite benefit. The OPEN MINDS Leadership & Management Certificate Program is included in your annual membership investment, offering unlimited enrollment for your entire team — a great opportunity for professional development as part of your benefits package without increasing costs. The program will begin in June 2023.

By clicking Enroll Today, you will be directed to your My Certifications page in your account profile where you will be able to enroll, access your curriculum, and track your progress.


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