Health Care System

The United States health care system encompasses a mixture of private and public entities that are either non-profit or for-profit. Health care coverage may be financed through federal and state government programs or can be purchased through the health insurance marketplace. In contrast, a smaller proportion of the U.S. population is uninsured. The resulting effects of a decentralized system has led to considerable challenges for provider organizations—including cost pressures, a push towards alternative payment models, and market consolidation. Despite these challenges, there are opportunities for provider organizations in reducing excess costs and utilization, particularly as payers look for innovative approaches that can demonstrate a return-on-investment in terms of cost and consumer outcomes.

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Health Care Data Breaches Cost An Average $10.1 Million

Worldwide, health care data breaches cost an average of $10.1 million (in U.S. dollars) between March 2021 and March 2022. This is the highest average cost for any industry analyzed, and a 9.4% increase since 2021 reporting. Financial organizations had the second highest costs at an average of $ 5.97 million, and pharmaceuticals saw the… Read

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