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OPEN MINDS Management Newsletter

Learn about new business models and the latest management best practices in our monthly, how-to guides on trending issues. Knowing the market—and knowing how to manage your way to success in that market—are two different issues. For thirty years, we have shared our field-tested models developed by our senior advisors and case studies that illustrate the challenges and tips for success.

October 2022 Issue
Preparing For The VBR Challenge:
The OPEN MINDS Management Newsletter, October 2022
The Health Plan Partnership Strategy—Referrals, Performance & VBR

Working with health plans is more important than ever for health and human service provider organizations—and more complicated. The reason is simple and was best stated by infamous bank robber Willie Sutton when asked why he robbed banks—”because that’s where the money is.” Over the past decade, health plans have picked up steam in terms…

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Moving Beyond Fee-For-Service With Health Plans: Essential Elements To Getting Paid For Value

Slowly but surely, value-based reimbursement (VBR) is happening in the specialty provider marketplace. 40% of specialty provider organizations reported participating in a VBR contract (an increase of 13% from the previous year) according to our 2022 OPEN MINDS Performance Management Executive Survey. But, only 10% of specialty provider organizations have 20% or more of their…

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The OPEN MINDS Value-Based Reimbursement Readiness Assessment Checklist

The move to value-based reimbursement (VBR) across the health and human services industry has become a driving force across both public and private sector organizations, not only forcing new operating models and systems, but pushing providers to develop new partnerships with payers and to prepare for population health management. For executives and leadership of provider…

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A VBR World Requires Performance Management: Five Rules For Selecting The Measures You Need

One important piece of performance management is deciding what measures your executive team should pay attention to. This may seem trivial, but to quote W. Edwards Deming, “What is measured is what gets done.” At OPEN MINDS, we’ve had a lot of experience in guiding organizations in developing the performance management programs, and these are…

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