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Thanks to the COVID pandemic and a shifting legislative environment, the “next normal” is here. These changes have challenged the very existence of many health and human service organizations and put many others in a precarious financial position. The time for shifting how business is conducted for payers, provider organizations, and vendors in the health and human services industry is now. Becoming financially creative, sound, and savvy is crucial in this landscape. The OPEN MINDS CFO Consortium provides executives with the tools and ability to strategically assess and position their organizations for longer-term sustainability and growth.

Finance ImageryThrough on-site and virtual education, The OPEN MINDS CFO Consortium will utilize the talents of participants, as well as the OPEN MINDS team, to provide executives with the skillset necessary to develop and implement an organizational strategic sustainability plan to position their organization for competitive advantage in an ever-changing external environment.

CFOs, aspiring CFOs, and executives who want to build their financial management skills can join The OPEN MINDS CFO Consortium. The consortium provides financial management guidance through:

This cutting-edge education suite is the only one of its kind, specifically catered to financial strategy with actionable items to improve executives’ skillsets and prowess as premier financial executives. The OPEN MINDS CFO Consortium kicked off at The 2022 OPEN MINDS CFO Summit, as part of The 2022 OPEN MINDS Performance Management Institute.

Learning Objectives

  1. Understand the drivers of current health and human services market change
  2. Assess the ever-changing needs of consumers and requirements of funders in order to build an effective strategy
  3. Develop a financial competency portfolio for your organization and create a plan to fix any deficiencies
  4. Prepare your organization to plan, assess, and forecast through scenario-based planning
  5. Understand the framework for organizational strategic planning required to achieve continued sustainability from a financial lens
  6. Understand and amend practices to meet the shifting landscape of funding structures and the laws that dictate them
  7. Instruction to the interactive OPEN MINDS Executive Financial Tools

How To Join The OPEN MINDS CFO Consortium

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