The OPEN MINDS Financial Sustainability Tool—brought to you for free by NextGen Healthcare—is available to members of Whole-Person Care Headquarters. Become a free member of Whole-Person Care Headquarters by clicking here.

Designed by OPEN MINDS experienced senior advisor team, The OPEN MINDS Financial Sustainability Tool is designed to be used by financial executives who are building financial strength and planning strategic growth.

The tool examines not only a provider organization’s credit strength and key financial ratios, but also financial vulnerability. It was designed to provide the key financial metrics, vulnerabilities assessment and financial management best practices to assist financial executives to strengthen long-term financial sustainability. While the calculator uses financial data from financial statements or IRS Form 990 to calculate key financial ratios, the focus of this tool is to give executives a trend analysis of ten key financial metrics, comparison to industry benchmarks, recommendations for implementing financial operations best practices, and an assessment of change in financial vulnerability.

CFOThe OPEN MINDS Financial Sustainability Tool is part of The OPEN MINDS CFO Consortium—a twelve-month program designed to provide executives with the skillset necessary to develop and implement an organizational strategic sustainability plan to position their organization for competitive advantage in an ever-changing external environment. For more information on this on-going program, please click here.

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