In 2010, spending on chronic disease management services totaled $2.8 billion, according to The Disease Management Purchasing Consortium. Of the 73.6 million individuals receiving chronic diseases management services, 18.7 million (25.4%) are in disease management programs targeting behavioral health disorders, 0.8 million (1.1%) are in programs targeting chronic diseases that are not behavioral health, and 51.5 million (70%) are in programs targeting patients with acute care needs disease management. This OPEN MINDS Market Intelligence Report explores the key elements that make up the chronic disease management services delivery system, including:

Chronic disease management services market defined as both physical conditions, like arthritis, cancer, and HIV infection, and mental and cognitive disorders, such as schizophrenia, ongoing depression, substance addiction, and dementia. Chronic disease management has shifted to a population health focus that targets high-cost complex care populations (i.e., a subset of those with chronic conditions) and that incorporates social service supports alongside medical services and supports.
Market size and trend by payer that demonstrate increases in spending at over 25% per year since 2000, and doubling between 2008 and 2010
Market spending by funding category and program where the top three largest served almost 80% of the enrolled population served by disease management organizations in 2011
Populations served include:
145 million Americans (nearly half of the population) live with a chronic condition
People with chronic conditions account for 84% of all health care spending
28% of Americans live with two or more chronic conditions
Americans with two or more chronic conditions account for 66% of all health care spending
20% of individuals who live with chronic illness also have activity limitations
State-specific market data that illustrates how chronic disease management goes across state lines
Agencies tracking data on a systematic basis
Issues influencing the level, direction, and mix of payers, most notably the implementation of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA)

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