The move to value-based reimbursement (VBR) across the health and human services industry has become a driving force across both public and private sector organizations, not only forcing new operating models and systems, but pushing providers to develop new partnerships with payers and to prepare for population health management. For executives and leadership of provider organizations, the transition to VBR presents organizational, technical, and cultural challenges that will impact many areas of the business model. As leaders develop strategy, it is important to incorporate tactics to transition their organizations from success in the current hybrid FFS/VBR market – to success in a mature VBR market.

To help provider organizations navigate the management challenges of this transition, OPEN MINDS has developed a web-based readiness self-assessment for value-based reimbursement readiness, focused on the scoring organizational and technical competencies needed to make the transition successful. This tool was designed to evaluate and identify improvements in the following domains:

  • Provider Network Management – Strategies to enhance provider networks
  • Clinical Management & Clinical Performance Optimization – Data analyzed to drive clinical decisionmaking
  • Consumer Access, Service Engagement – Processes to empower consumers and create engagement
  • Financial Management – Revenue cycle management and accounting procedures to support contracts
  • Technology & Reporting Infrastructure – Data leveraged to gain insight
  • Leadership & Governance – Alignment of strategy with infrastructure and resources

The OPEN MINDS Value-Based Reimbursement Readiness Assessment is designed to provide recommendations at each domain level of the value-based system. Each domain encompasses a number of competencies that are key to operating in value-based market models. The self-assessment is designed to allow leadership teams to work as a group or to allow individual members of leadership to assess the organization from their point of view



Organizations receive an organizational access code to the self-assessment tool that includes ‘how-to’ instructions and explanations of each domain. Once scores are entered, the assessment tool will summarize responses by domain and competencies around three decision criteria. After completion, the tool will provide recommendations for your organization to improve each area of competency based on order of importance. All self-assessments are licensed for a six month period and may be completed an unlimited number of times.

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