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Alberto Varela, M.D.

Advisory Board Member


San Juan, Puerto Rico




Alberto M. Varela, MD has 40 years of extensive experience in the behavioral health field including working as a medical director, serving in the military, and eventually owning his own business. He spent the last 25 years as the Founder and President of Inspira Group, where has been dedicated to providing preventative, wellness and mental health services to individuals and institutions in Puerto Rico. Inspira has since served over 500,000 patients across all levels of care and has managed EAP programs with over 400 corporate and government clients. He is also committed to research and development with a special emphasis on technology transfer and commercialization of new scientific discoveries.

While at Inspira, Dr. Varela focuses on the mental, emotional and behavioral rehabilitation of inmates in federal and state prisons. He ensures true fundamental change in their inner psychological state to prevent relapses, recidivism and achieve successful social adaptation and elimination of antisocial behavioral, addictions, and violence. He has worked with the accused and sentenced offenders at various stages in the judicial process.

As a United States trained doctor and psychiatrist, Dr. Varela received advanced training in psychoanalysis including adult, child and adolescent, and family psychiatry. He has worked at different levels both in mainland U.S. and Puerto Rico serving poverty stricken, alienated Hispanic populations. He is an expert behavioral health manager having founded a very successful behavioral health company in Puerto Rico which since 1989 has served very large populations in diverse lines of the mental health business.

Dr. Varela excels in clinical research trials for psychiatric medications for big pharma companies. For over 12 years he completed clinical trials successfully integrating new trial procedures generating more accurate results.

Dr. Varela’s military background includes treating post-traumatic stress disorders in veterans. He assisted the Veteran’s Administration in its management of PTSD war veterans by educating and guiding VA officers and mental health professionals in learning the true psychic nature of trauma. Dr. Varela is a Vietnam Veteran himself, and received a bronze medal for his service, worked for the VA Administration Hospital for over 18 years serving PTSD veterans, and has subspecialized in analytic training in trauma.

Dr. Varela holds a Medical Degree from the University Of Puerto Rico School Of Medicine. He is also a Graduate in Psychoanalysis, which he earned from The Philadelphia Association for Psychoanalysis. He completed his post graduate schooling in Obstetrics at the University District Hospital Puerto Rico Medical Center. Dr. Varela completed his Bachelor of General Sciences Degree at the University of Puerto Rico.

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