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Freadda Zeigler, Ph.D.

Advisory Board Member


Gettysburg, Pennsylvania


Freadda Zeigler brings over 20 years of experience as to OPEN MINDS as an Advisory Board Member.

In addition to her work with OPEN MINDS, Dr. Zeigler is the Manager of Training and Auditing of Centene, PA Health & Wellness. In this position, Dr. Zeigler reports directly to the Plan President and COO and is responsible for developing and implementing the Training and Internal Auditing departments for PA Health & Wellness from the ground up to stability. Dr. Ziegler works directly with Directors and Vice Presidents of Medical Management, Grievance and Appeals, Compliance, Service Coordination, Case Management, Utilization Management, and Human Resources to assess and identify training needs and curtail curriculum needs for each department. Dr. Ziegler manages 3 sites of trainers in Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, and Harrisburg to support and organize the training needs of all employees in each location.

Previously, Dr. Ziegler was a Health Services Training, Long Term Care for Centene, Sunshine Health in Sunshine, Florida. In this position, Dr. Ziegler participated in the development of training needs and activities of a new managed care go-live health plan by preparing, creating, and revising a variety of organizational training curriculums and models for Case Managers, Compliance, Grievance and Appeals, and Medical Doctor’s based on state contracts for a health plan. Dr. Ziegler also created and lead the Preceptorship program for Case Managers in 3 counties, created and delivered 2-6 weeks of virtual onboarding and refresher training, and tracked and reported on all of the classes for key performance indicators.

Dr. Ziegler was also the Regional Program Supervisor/Director of the Department of Elder Affairs in Sunrise, Florida. In this position, Dr. Ziegler reported directly to the Deputy Chief of Operations and was responsible for organizational oversight, and operational effectiveness. Dr. Ziegler was responsible for directly supervising, supporting, coaching, and providing technical assistance, leadership training, education, and consultation to six Planning Service Area offices to improve management capabilities and operational procedures for CARES Assessors, Medical Directors, and Registered Nurses for home and community, nursing facilities, assisted living, and hospital admission members.

Dr. Ziegler was also an Elder Helpline Manager for ALLIANCE FOR AGING (ADRC CENTER) in Miami, Florida. In this position, Dr. Ziegler was responsible for continuing organization and change management by expanding diversity and inclusion through hiring tri-lingual staff to assist more clients, directly managing and training call center staff, and maintaining health and human services information and referral software systems for the Miami-Dade and Monroe counties resources for home-based, Medicaid, low-income seniors, and people with disabilities.

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