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George Oestreich, B.S. Pharm., MPA, Pharm. D.

Subject Matter Expert


Gettysburg, Pennsylvania


Georgy Oestreich brings over 50 years of senior executive experience in private and public healthcare programs including but not limited to: public healthcare policy, program development, strategic planning, pharmacy benefit design, pharmacy practice, and pharmacy management to OPEN MINDS as a Subject Matter Expert.

In addition to his work with OPEN MINDS, Dr. Oestreich is also the President, Principal, and Clinical Pharmacist of G.L.O and Associates, providing strategic management solutions in healthcare areas with a primary focus on pharmaceuticals.

Prior to his work with OPEN MINDS, Dr. Oestreich was the Deputy Division Director of Clinical Services for the Missouri Department of Social Services, Medical Division. In his position, Dr. Oestreich was responsible for managing the clinical policy for the Division including the psychological counseling program, medical imaging, optical, and durable medical equipment programs. This position also allowed Dr. Oestreich to become a founding member and the opportunity to work with the Drug Effectiveness Review Program (DERP) as well as the Medicaid Evidence-based Decisions (MED) process with multiple other states and partner with Oregon Evidence Policy Center.

Previously, Dr. Oestreich was the Director of the Pharmacy Program for the Missouri Department of Social Services, Medical Division. During his tenure as Director, the program developed an enhanced editing system based on the integration of a rules engine developing “if-then” algorithms for largely transparent claims editing. The editing integrates the best available medical evidence and leverages the entire paid claim database for a fee-for-service Medicaid population of over 900,000 participants.

Dr. Oestreich has also previously held the positions of Chief Executive Officer and Registered Lobbyist for the Missouri Pharmaceutical Association, the Foundation for Pharmaceutical Care, the Missouri Pharmacy Services Corporation, and the Missouri Pharmacy Foundation.

Dr. Oestreich graduated from the University of Kanas, School of Pharmacy, with a Doctorate of Pharmacy in 2003. In 1982, Dr. Oestreich graduated with a Master of Public Administration from the University of Missouri-Columbia School of Business and Public Administration. In 1970, Dr. Oestreich earned a Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy with Honors from the University of Missouri-Kanas City, School of Pharmacy.

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