Lauren Nunn

General Manager, Executive Education


Gettysburg, Pennsylvania


Lauren Nunn brings her expertise in event planning, marketing, and campaign development to OPEN MINDS as the General Manager of Executive Education.

Previously, Ms. Nunn was the Program and Marketing Director for the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation in Tampa, Florida. In this diverse role, Ms. Nunn supervised the foundation’s event and marketing teams and was responsible for event planning/logistics, implementing a strategic plan for the foundation’s digital marketing efforts, and developing custom campaigns for corporate partners.

Prior to her role as Program and Marketing Director, Ms. Nunn served as the foundation’s Program Manager and was responsible for enhancing national programs through innovative campaigns, implementing event marketing strategies, and coordinating more than 20 annual events. Ms. Nunn worked heavily on the foundation’s Fashion Funds the Cure program and event series. A main component of which was a nation-wide event tour that partnered with some of the country’s leading property companies, retail vendors, and corporate entities to create high-end fashion show galas and ultimately raise critical funds for pediatric cancer research.

Ms. Nunn enjoys both the creative and the analytical aspects of her work, she strives to embrace out-of-the-box thinking while also ensuring strategic implementation of processes and communication across teams.  Her work style has been heavily influenced by her background in performing arts and work with local non-profit organizations in the Tampa Bay area. She strives to bring a broad view and creative edge to her work and is always searching for new ways to engage an audience.

Ms. Nunn graduated from the University of South Florida with a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Sciences with a concentration in health management and biological science.

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