Timothy G. Snyder, Jr. brings a unique combination of marketing, business development, and online media expertise to OPEN MINDS. Since joining our team in 2008, Mr. Snyder has led dozens of strategic marketing and sales-focused projects, including comprehensive product launch initiatives, corporate re-branding/positioning projects, and website/online marketing programs for some of the largest and most influential pharmaceutical and technology organizations in the health and human service field.

In addition to his work in the consulting practice, Mr. Snyder has executive responsibility for the marketing, web site, public relations, and sales divisions of OPEN MINDS.

Mr. Snyder has been instrumental in developing cutting edge content marketing programs for OPEN MINDS customers.  He is able to translate branding and marketing positioning strategy into market-sector appropriate content campaigns.

In addition, Mr. Snyder brings a broad knowledge of content campaign platforms.  His work includes leverage of traditional print media and printed educational material.  He has designed educational curriculum outreach – in on-site formats and synchronous and asynchronous web-based curriculum models.   In his work, he has designed dozens of web sites to support content campaigns – and worked with them from conceptualization, design, development, and launch.   He has led the development of multiple-platform social media campaigns, customized apps, YouTube channels, and podcast initiatives.

Mr. Snyder has spoken at numerous conferences and has published dozens of articles and resources on the growing importance of marketing and online branding in the new consumer-driven health and human service marketplace.    He developed OPEN MINDS marketing planning and web marketing curriculum.   In addition, he created OPEN MINDS assessment of organizational online presence.

Prior to joining OPEN MINDS, Mr. Snyder worked as an independent marketing consultant for multiple government agencies and provider organizations—specializing in online marketing strategy, campaign design and execution, event promotion, and social media integration. While completing his degree, Mr. Snyder also worked as a web developer and website manager —specializing in search engine optimization.

Mr. Snyder is a graduate of  Shippensburg University, where he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in both marketing communications and business management.

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