GETTYSBURG, Pa. (February 7, 2021) — The OPEN MINDS Value-Based Care for Behavioral Health online community will present a free webinar, “Preparing For The Unknown: The EHR Functionality To Survive During & After A Pandemic — Results Of The 2020 National Behavioral Health EHR Survey” on February 16, 2021.

During this presentation, led by OPEN MINDS Senior Associate Joe Naughton-Travers, attendees will review the findings of the 2020 National Behavioral Health EHR Survey.

The COVID-19 pandemic has created substantial change across the entire health and human services industry. As thousands of Americans fell ill, provider organizations were challenged to shift to virtual/remote work and care delivery almost overnight. This required provider organizations to change what was previously considered necessary functionality and focus on a new set of key functionality to survive. We can see this shift in functionalities in the results of the 2020 National Behavioral Health EHR Survey

Upon attending the webinar, participants will learn strategic market trends related to EHR functionality and implementation, and the importance of investing in EHR functionality to increase their competitive edge.

“New Service Lines & New Revenue Streams: Building A Diversification Strategy & Conducting A Feasibility Analysis” will be held Tuesday, February 16th at 1:00 ET. To join the free webinar, visit

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Please rest assured – the team and tech you love will remain in place. Providers will have the flexibility to choose and work with the two best-in-KLAS EHR solutions, CareLogic and Credible Behavioral Health. Our teams will continue to support both platforms and our agency partners from end to end.

Over time, we will fully bring to life the power and potential of this merger – to elevate agencies and create healthier communities – across our offering, team, and the industry. We’re excited for you to take this journey with us! Learn more


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