GETTYSBURG, Pa. (April 11, 2021) —On April 7, 2021 OPEN MINDS launched The OPEN MINDS Value-Based Reimbursement Readiness Assessment 2.0, sponsored by Qualifacts + Credible and the Value Based Care for Behavioral Health online community. This tool focuses on six organizational and technical domains that are critical to making a successful transition:

  • Provider Network Management – Strategies to enhance provider networks
  • Clinical Management & Clinical Performance Optimization – Data analyzed to drive clinical decision making and process improvement
  • Consumer Access, Service Engagement – Processes to empower consumers and create engagement for improved health outcomes
  • Financial Management – Revenue cycle management and accounting procedures to support contracts
  • Technology & Reporting Infrastructure Functionality – Data leveraged to gain insight
  • Leadership & Governance – Leadership positioned for change management and alignment of strategy

“The focus on contracting for value-based care has intensified as we move into the post-COVID health and human service market,” said OPEN MINDS Senior Associate Ken Carr. “As this shift in market reimbursement accelerates, provider organizations need to assess the new competencies to shape a new business model required for success. This new business model aligns the organization around receiving compensation for delivering effective outcomes, instead of a focus the volume of services provided. The OPEN MINDS Value-Based Reimbursement Readiness Assessment Tool has now been streamlined to enable leadership teams to assess their readiness for value-based contracting ― with fewer assessment questions, updated recommendations, and a glossary. The revised tool is a first step toward building a value-based reimbursement strategy.”

Access to The OPEN MINDS Value-Based Reimbursement Readiness Assessment 2.0 is free, thanks to the generous Qualifacts + Credible sponsorship. The tool can be accessed here:

After completing the assessment, a list of custom recommendations are provided to guide service provider organization’s action plan for service line development and infrastructure improvement.

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