GETTYSBURG, Pa. (July 05, 2022) – OPEN MINDS and Qualifacts have published the results of the 2021 National Behavioral Health EHR Survey in their white paper entitled, “Behavioral Health Tech Functionality – Now & The Future.” This new resource is intended to help both vendors and providers optimize EHR implementation and functionality.

EHR system functionalities are evolving with increasing number of consumers and shifting marketplace. Workforce shortages in healthcare organizations are exasperating the needs for EHR systems to contribute even more services to managing healthcare, especially as provider organizations become fully dependent on EHRs to operate administrative tasks relating to their practice. At this point in time it is crucial for an EHR system to offer at least four core functionalities – billing, clinical, scheduling, and reporting. This white paper defines current market trends in the EHR market and the need for additional and improved functionalities in EHR systems.

This white paper is being provided to OPEN MINDS readers free of charge, courtesy of Qualifacts. To download “Behavioral Health Tech Functionality – Now & The Future Results Of The 2021 OPEN MINDS National EHR Survey,” and learn how to fully optimize EHR functionality, please click here.

About Qualifacts

Qualifacts® is one of the most trusted technology providers of Electronic Health Records (EHR) for Behavioral Health providers. Qualifacts’ EHR technology and services simplify the increasing complexities facing behavioral health providers, enabling them to quickly adapt to the accelerating pace of change. As a strategic partner, Qualifacts helps its customers focus on what is most important – client care – by optimizing efficiency and productivity while also keeping them ahead of the ever-changing regulatory landscape to maximize reimbursements.

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