GETTYSBURG, Pa. (June 6, 2021) — On June 10, 2021 at 1:00 pm EDT, OPEN MINDS will host a web forum, Data-Driven Decision-Making For The Post Pandemic Market, available free of charge courtesy of the Value Based Care for Behavioral Health online community and Qualifacts + Credible. This event will showcase steps for creating daily work habits that will lead to an overall data-driven culture and strategy.

“Data is at the core of almost everything we do. But, stepping outside our comfort zone and normal routines can be challenging,” said Carol Clayton, Ph.D., Senior Associate at OPEN MINDS. “Over the years, I have found a few tried and true strategies for breaking out of these norms we get stuck in and shifting your organization to be more data-driven.”

More competition, workforce shortages, and changing reimbursement models are making data-driven decision-making more important for health and human service organizational sustainability. Data-driven strategy shifts, coupled with daily actions, are required, and can be hindered by cultural norms that maintain status quo and workforce routines. If you are looking to break out of these norms and move to a data-driven culture, don’t miss this valuable presentation, Data-Driven Decision-Making For The Post Pandemic Market, on June 10 at 1:00 pm ET, featuring OPEN MINDS Senior Associate, Carol Clayton, Ph.D. During this session, Dr. Clayton will discuss:

  • Post-pandemic market shifts that require organizational change
  • What culture is and how we change it
  • Steps to implement a data-driven culture
  • Turning actions into habits
  • Building a sustainable data-driven culture

Dr. Clayton has over 30 years of experience in the health and human service fields. She has a wealth of experience both in clinical work and in executive management. Her areas of expertise and focus include data-driven strategy development and management, performance measurement and outcomes reporting, quality improvement, and growth strategies.

This webinar is available free of charge thanks to the generous sponsorship of Qualifacts + Credible. However, attendees must register in advance.

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