GETTYSBURG, Pa. (June 7, 2020) — Genoa Healthcare pharmacist Vikram Sundararaman, PharmD, received the 2020 Community Pharmacy Innovation in Quality Award in the individual category from the Pharmacy Quality Alliance and the Community Pharmacy Foundation. The award honors an individual whose innovative practices have improved care quality, medication optimization, and patient outcomes.

Working in a pharmacy that is physically integrated into the clinic setting, Dr. Sundararaman has been an innovative leader in developing strategies to build personal relationships with physicians, nurses, and patients, while ensuring access to the right pharmacy services at the right time.

Through face-to-face consultations, action plans, and pharmacist-provided care, performance-based quality metrics for medication adherence, hospital admissions, and hospital readmission rates have continued to exceed benchmarks and improve in his pharmacy. Always focused on patients, Dr. Sundararaman achieved a Net Promoter Score of 95, reflecting his patients’ satisfaction and willingness to recommend him.

Pharmacy Quality Alliance CEO Laura Cranston lauded Dr. Sundararaman for his “innovative work using pharmacy services to improve health care delivery and the lives of patients. Dr. Sundararaman’s approach to relationship building is a model for everyone in health care.”

Award nominations and their contributions to community pharmacy were evaluated for their innovation, measurable impact, replicability, scalability, and reach. Priority areas of focus practices or programs that addressed vulnerable populations, gaps in quality or patient care and the quadruple aim of health care: patient experience, population health, reducing costs and care team well-being.

Dr. Sundararaman’s focus on personal connections with both consumers and clinic staff reflect Genoa Healthcare’s uniquely successful approach to delivering pharmacy services, said Bill Guptail, Genoa Healthcare’s chief operations officer. “We know Genoa’s high-touch, dedicated pharmacy care makes a difference in the health care outcomes of the people we serve, driving medication adherence rates to 90% and significantly reducing hospitalization and emergency room visits,” Mr. Guptail said.

Genoa Healthcare is the leading provider of pharmacy, outpatient telepsychiatry, and medication management services for individuals with behavioral health conditions, with more than 500 pharmacies providing integrated care on-site at behavioral health centers in 47 states plus the District of Columbia.

About Genoa Healthcare

Genoa Healthcare has been serving the behavioral health community for nearly 20 years, providing pharmacy services, telepsychiatry and medication management solutions. Today, Genoa Healthcare serves more than 800,000 individuals annually in 47 states and the District of Columbia, and fills more than 15 million prescriptions per year. Genoa Healthcare is the fifth largest drug chain in the U.S., with more than 450 pharmacies located within behavioral health centers. Visit

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