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The report, created by Koa Health, explores the challenges with access and engagement for mental health services and supports and how digital first mental health solutions can support health plans in meeting all members exactly where they are.

Gettysburg, PA. (August 21, 2022)OPEN MINDS released a report today, created by Koa Health titled: Improve Mental Health Care Accessibility, Member Engagement and Outcomes with Digital Mental Health Applications.

“The fragmented and expensive U.S. healthcare system has put mental health on the backburner. Whether it’s due to stigma, inability to access care, financial strain, or lack of awareness, less than half of Americans who struggle with their mental health receive the treatment they need. In short, we’re losing the battle on mental health support, and something needs to change—fast.” – Jennifer Gendron, Chief Commercial Officer, Koa Health 

The real time pandemic impact has created significant urgency regarding mental health care. Pre-pandemic, 20% of Americans annually reported experiencing mental health concerns. This percentage rose in the past two years due to the pandemic impact. The percentage of Americans citing anxiety and depression during the pandemic period doubled, rising to 35-40% and a significant uptick in emergent mental health events was evidenced by both an increase of mental health emergency room presentations and an increase of opioid overdoses by 40%.

Interestingly, access to care remained low, with about half of individuals who reported needing mental health care actually seeking out resources or receiving help. This can be attributed to stigma, desire for self-help or a lack of understanding how to access the most appropriate care. The costs of this lack of care is staggering for health plans, employers and society as a whole. Over $190 billion a year in employer costs is attributable to mental health concerns and coupled with the current post-pandemic economic impact, the global costs of mental health concerns has reached an astounding trillion dollars a year.

Mental health is top of the mind across all industry sectors. Between our fast-paced pre-COVID-19 lifestyles and the isolation, fear and unprecedented change since the pandemic, the mental health of our country—and the world at large—has reached critical levels.

Koa Health’s report, Improve Mental Health Care Accessibility, Member Engagement and Outcomes with Digital Mental Health Applications discusses the role of the health plan in meeting the mental health needs of their member population and the advances of new technology solutions – synchronous and asynchronous–that are available to support access and engagement with mental health care. Recent research using asynchronous digital health solutions is discussed and provides promising opportunities for health plans by offering a variety of options to care beyond traditional clinic-based models.

The report is available to the public free of charge, courtesy of Koa Health. You can download your complimentary copy here.

About Koa Health

At Koa Health, we believe in putting people (and their mental health) first. So we’ve made it our goal to leverage technology and research to enable people to change their behaviors with effective and accessible support that adapts to their unique circumstances.


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