GETTYSBURG, Pa. (July 26, 2020) — The OPEN MINDS Value-Based Care for Behavioral Health online community will present a free webinar, “‘So, How’s That 2020 Strategic Plan Going?’: A Roundtable Discussion About the Current Behavioral Health Environment” on August 6, 2020.

Attendees can participate with behavioral health care leaders across the U.S. in a candid, roundtable discussion about how they are adapting to the year’s changes and viewing the opportunities and challenges ahead. Featuring a variety of executive perspectives moderated by Qualifacts Chief Sales and Marketing Officer Jeff Silverman, this hour promises to deliver honesty, insight—and some humor—in the face of adversity. “We’re truly in this together,” says Mr. Silverman, “As a result of the pandemic, we are all faced with functioning within the ‘New Normal.’ This has resulted in a range of challenges and opportunities for providers and the clients that they serve. Part of our role as leaders in behavioral health is to share knowledge and best practices, so we can all benefit from each other’s experiences. That’s why Qualifacts partnered with OPEN MINDS to bring this roundtable to our community.”

After attending the webinar, participants will hear from other executives how they are managing the challenges of a disrupted market; learn how peers are approaching new norms for consumer and staff engagement; and discover how virtual delivery and remote working are shaping technology decisions across the industry.

Panelists include:

  • Yvette Bairan, Chief Executive Officer, Astor Services
  • Paul Curtis, Executive Director, California Council of Community Health Agencies
  • Brad Howell, President and Chief Executive Officer, Fidelity House
  • Monica E. Oss, Chief Executive Officer, OPEN MINDS
  • Greg Wellems, Executive Director Intellectual Disability Services, Keystone Human Services

“So, How’s That 2020 Strategic Plan Going?” will be held Thursday, August 6 at 1:00 EDT. To join the free webinar, visit

About Qualifacts and CareLogic

Qualifacts is dedicated to creating Electronic Health Record (EHR) solutions for Behavioral Health providers across the United States. Qualifact’s EHR solution, CareLogic, helps their customers optimize efficiency, productivity and maximize reimbursements while allowing them to focus on what is most important – client care. One of the country’s most trusted EHRs, CareLogic is strategically designed to simplify the increasing complexities facing behavioral health providers today, equipping caregivers with powerful digital solutions to adapt to the accelerating pace of change, focus and ever-changing regulatory landscape. For more information, visit


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