Gettysburg, PA (November 6, 2022) – OPEN MINDS announced today a webinar scheduled for November 15, 2022 from 12 – 1 p.m. EST hosted by Alera Health. The webinar will focus on the emergence of clinically integrated networks with specific focus on behavioral health and the impact of these clinical integrated networks (CINS) on better care and outcomes for individuals with complex needs. “Medicare Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) have been around for a while”, says Mike Rhoades, CEO of Alera Health, “and the best practices learned from the ACO experience is now being applied to behavioral health clinically integrated networks. One of the lessons learned was that failed ACO’s often overlooked the importance of behavioral health care and social determinants of health on overall health outcome. Alera’s ONEcare Networks are here to correct that oversight.”

This webinar will focus on what we learned about what works and what doesn’t work from previous ACO models and the evolution of this model specifically for serving complex needs populations—those with multimorbid physical, behavioral, social and developmental conditions. “We know that 70% of health outcomes is driven by social determinants of health and individual behaviors”, says Mr. Rhoades. “The adoption of clinically integrated networks leading with behavioral health and with a focus on social determinants of health expertise is a no-brainer in terms of sustainable health and cost outcomes for complex needs populations”.

“We know fee for service reimbursements are not sustainable for serving the most complex needs consumers,” says Carol Clayton, PhD, Senior Consultant with OPEN MINDS. “Most behavioral health organizations are too small on their own to invest in the infrastructure needed to accept value based arrangements or to have enough referral volume to make the investment worthwhile.”

The growth of the CCBHC model of reimbursement and the endorsement of this model by SAMHSA is a strong indicator that sustainable business models are desired. Clinically integrated networks where specialty provider organizations, big to small, join forces to leverage special expertise, shared technology, and expanded geography are primed to accept value based reimbursement arrangements.

Health plans are narrowing their networks and are attracted to comprehensive provider systems—ones that have comprehensive statewide, or even multistate coverage, where expertise from many provider agencies can be leveraged. “There is power in numbers–collective and shared expertise and resources”, says Ms. Clayton, “What providers can do together, they can’t necessarily do alone”.

Join this webinar, sponsored by Alera Health and hosted by OPEN MINDS to learn about these evolving behavioral health clinically integrated networks. In this webinar, you will hear about:

  • Organizational and Financial Models of BH Clinically Integrated Networks across the country
  • Value to the Health Plan, Hospital, and Recipient of Care
  • Early Stage Outcomes
  • How Providers are Leveraging Each Other for Large Scale Valued-Based Contracting

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About Alera Health (Formerly Blaze Advisors)

Alera Health is your population health management organization that specializes in building and managing behavioral health clinically integrated networks that partner with primary care, specialists, hospitals, and social services. We call these “ONEcare Networks” and we manage over 3M lives nationwide in a number of shared savings and pay-for-performance gainshare contracts with payers. To enable the data collection, analysis, reporting, care management, and care coordination activities within these ONEcare Networks, Blaze Advisors deploys and manages the ONEcare Care Optimization System©.


OPEN MINDS is a national market intelligence, management consulting, and marketing services firm specializing exclusively in the markets of the health and human service field that serve consumers with chronic conditions and complex support needs. OPEN MINDS’ mission is to provide payers, service provider organizations, and technology and scientific firms that serve these consumers with the market and management knowledge needed to improve their organizational efficiency and effectiveness. Learn more at

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