Gettysburg, PA (February 14, 2021) – Eighty-five percent of behavioral health and intellectual and developmental disability providers say they are broadening their practices to include primary care services, according to a new white paper published by leading ambulatory-focused technology solution provider NextGen Healthcare Inc, “Intentional Approaches to Integrated Care: Results of a 2020 National Survey of Behavior Health and Intellectual and Developmental Disability Providers with Case Studies”

The white paper, available for free download at, explores the results and findings from November 2020’s national survey of behavioral health and I/DD provider organizations, which was led and conducted by OPEN MINDS on behalf of NextGen. This is the first published release of the survey data and results associated with the initiative.

“Studies show that aligning behavioral healthcare—care for ailments such as depression, autism or addiction treatments—with primary care—such as treatments for broken bones and seasonal flus—can help individuals take control and lead healthier lives,” said Rusty Franz, CEO and President of NextGen, which partners with medical, behavioral, and dental providers to make healthcare better for everyone. “This allows individuals and their families to have all their health needs met by a central provider organization instead of making many appointments with different offices. This is especially important for marginalized communities that often lack access to high-quality healthcare.”

C-Level executives from 146 unique provider organizations in the behavioral health or I/DD markets participated in the study and survey initiative. More than half (52%) of the organizations participating reported they have already started integrating behavioral health and primary care A third of provider organizations (33%) say they are considering integrating behavioral health and primary care currently.

According to the published findings from NextGen & OPEN MINDS, the current level of integration happening nationwide is as follows:
(Note: The SAMHSA-HRSA Center for Integrated Health Solutions scale was the model utilized for measuring this data point)

  • Level 1 – Minimal Collaboration (8%)
  • Level 2 – Basic Collaboration at a Distance (23%)
  • Level 3 – Basic Collaboration on Site (19%)
  • Level 4 – Close collaboration on site with some system integration (19%)
  • Level 5 – Close collaboration approaching an integrated practice (18%)
  • Level 6 – Full Collaboration in a Transformed/Merged Integrated Practice (14%)

The white paper also contains case studies of three provider organizations that have successfully integrated primary care and behavioral health services. They report the patients at integrated care centers show improved outcomes with asthma, depression, diabetes, and obesity. These clinics also offer a lifeline to receive a suite of care that many individuals previously had little access. Providers also find that this integrated approach is helping the providers maintain their bottom line and expand into new areas.

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