GETTYSBURG, Pa. (May 10, 2020)—In 2019, the U.S. mental health market spending reached $225 billion, accounting for nearly 5.5% of all health spending. Spending in the mental health market has increased by 52.1% since 2009—over the same decade, the U.S. population increased by 7% and the U.S. medical inflation rate increased by 34%. This was one of the findings from The U.S. Mental Health Market: $225.1 Billion In Spending In 2019: An OPEN MINDS Market Intelligence Report.

OPEN MINDS Chief Executive Officer Monica E. Oss explained in her analysis (see Mental Health Spending Now & After The Pandemic) that “An increase in demand does not necessarily translate into an increase in spending, given that mortality in the COVID-19 crisis is heavily skewed toward already vulnerable consumers. Then there is the rising proportion of the U.S. population that is uninsured and we know the uninsured population in the U.S. does not get the basic services they need for any type of health care.”

The report provides an overview of trends in spending in the U.S. mental health market—with a breakdown of spending by payer and by care setting. The report also provides an estimate per capita of mental health spending by state. According to the report findings, public spending on mental health service has increased, and private spending on mental health services has decreased—likely because of the increased number of individuals with serious mental illness. In 2019, public payers accounted for the majority (62.7%) of mental health spending at $149.5 billion, while private payers accounted for the remaining $88.9 billion (37.3%). In 2009, public payers accounted for the majority (60%) at $88 billion, while private payers accounted for the remaining $59 billion (40%).

The report, The U.S. Mental Health Market: $225.1 Billion In Spending In 2019: An OPEN MINDS Market Intelligence Report, is available at no charge to Premium and Elite members of The OPEN MINDS Circle and can be purchased in the OPEN MINDS shop for $495.

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