In the past fifteen years, health and human services organizations have increasingly adopted technology of all types from the mundane (email) to the more sophisticated and exciting (robots). Understanding the ever-evolving and sophisticated world of health and human services technology- EHRs, smartphone apps, telehealth, text messaging, data cubes, smart glass, etc.-  is imperative to organizations that want to survive. In addition to understanding the available technology, organizations also need to adopt the technologies that will work best for their organization and consumers. Navigating your treatment technology decisions involves considering strategy, deciding on functionality needs, and thinking through the optimal consumer interfaces.

Released in November 2016, the OPEN MINDS Health & Human Services Technology Survey is designed to provide an overview of technology use and infrastructure by provider organizations in the field. The survey includes information on:

  • Technology Infrastructure- Examines how organizations staff, budget, and use technology:
    • Number of full-time technology employees
    • Size of technology budget
    • Top technologies currently being used
    • Top technologies with plans to implement in next year
  • Electronic Health Records (EHR) Usage- Examines current EHR utilization:
    • Currently utilizing an EHR
    • Ability to share data via EHR
    • Formats that can be used to share data
    • Plans to replace EHR in next year
  • Organization website functions- Examines the capabilities of provider organization websites including the ability to provide:
    • Marketing/organizational awareness
    • Accessibility features
    • Administrative features for staff
    • Customer service
  • Additional information on demographics of survey respondents, survey methodology, and survey questions

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