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OPEN MINDS Management Newsletter

Learn about new business models and the latest management best practices in our monthly, how-to guides on trending issues. Knowing the market—and knowing how to manage your way to success in that market—are two different issues. For thirty years, we have shared our field-tested models developed by our senior advisors and case studies that illustrate the challenges and tips for success.

May 2023 Issue
Mapping Your Competitive Position
The OPEN MINDS Management Newsletter, May 2023
Remember The New Competition

Who are your competitors? By definition they are the organizations that compete for the same resources or offer an alternative solution to consumers.
It is common to think about the competition in terms of the “here and now.” Our recommended model for competitive analysis is to identify the specific service lines (by consumer cohort and solution)…

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How To Conduct A Service Line Competitor Analysis: Market Positioning For Competitive Advantage

Analyzing the competition requires asking several key questions. Which organizations have service lines that compete with your key service lines for consumers and contracts? What is the brand reputation of the services of these organizations in the marketplace? What is the quality and performance of their services, and how sound and stable is their financial…

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Marketing Your Niche

A big question right now for small specialty provider organizations is how to remain financially viable. The answer for most will be to develop a unique selling proposition (USP) that differentiates them from the competition in a niche market. A USP is a combination of those unique features (e.g., cost, quality, performance, availability, technology, leadership,…

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Keeping Tabs On The Competition: The Top Organizational Profiles Of 2022

OPEN MINDS Founder and Chief Executive Officer Monica E. Oss often says that developing strategy is part science, part art. The science is the market intelligence component of the equation—understanding market trends, what funders and consumers want, and the competition for both funders and consumers. The art is interpreting and using that market intelligence to…

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