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OPEN MINDS Management Newsletter

Learn about new business models and the latest management best practices in our monthly, how-to guides on trending issues. Knowing the market—and knowing how to manage your way to success in that market—are two different issues. For thirty years, we have shared our field-tested models developed by our senior advisors and case studies that illustrate the challenges and tips for success.

April 2023 Issue
Using SWOT To Inform Strategy
The OPEN MINDS Management Newsletter, April 2023
Finding The Sweet Spot For Growth

For many organizations in the health and human service field, finding the right growth strategy is inextricably linked to financial sustainability. A service line portfolio that is static is a service line portfolio that is likely to decline—in revenue and margins—over time.
Consumer (and payer) preferences and needs for some program models come and…

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How To Integrate A SWOT Analysis Into Your Strategic Planning Process

A traditional management tool, a SWOT analysis has long proven extremely useful for executives who need to adjust their organization’s position in the market and make the most of that position with better performance and minimized risk. SWOT is about putting together what your executive team thinks, using data analysis to prove or disprove those…

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Market, Math & Metrics: Three Critical Organizational Strengths
Health and human service organizations can find it hard to figure out how to move forward with a new strategy or get the performance they need because there are so many “first steps” they could take. But after over 1,000 conferences and executive trainings, and just over 400 different customers during my 25 years at OPEN
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Strategic Thinking; Strategic Management

In markets experiencing rapid change or significant disruption, nothing changes more than strategy. But the “five-year strategic plan” of my early career has been replaced by a strategic vision, three to five high-level strategic objectives, and a two-year operational plan tied to the budget cycle, with a disciplined quarterly “recalibration.” That plan recalibration is based…

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